Why Is Sun Salutation Important?

What is sun salutation is the foremost question of each and every individual. Sun salutation is the English term of Surya Namaskar (Sanskrit word) in yoga. Sun salutation is the antique technique of showing gratitude to the sun. It is the classic sequence of yoga that nurtures your body and has to be practiced every morning. In fact, it has been practiced by millions of people in India since very long. It is the healthiest workout than any other yoga or a gym and needs no equipment and can be done anywhere easily.

It helps in stretching, toning of muscles, flexing and all this keeps a body relaxed and active. It is the key to reduce weight. This classic yoga activates the body’s breathing and digestion system. Sun salutation should always be practiced in the sun early morning with an empty stomach or you can also practice sun salutation during the sunset in the evening (this is called moon salutation) which includes more yoga postures.

Sun salutation is always performed in the ventilated areas that require fresh air. A beginner should not force their body to stretch beyond their capability, which can cause great damage to them. Do as much as your body allows doing.

Why Is Sun Salutation Important?

Sun salutation expresses the devotion towards the sun by standing straight in attention position and opening up to energy and bowing with respect and experience humbleness.

Enhances Skin Beauty

A sun salutation can be done for glowing skin. It enables to drain out the waste from your skin by making a person sweat heavily. This drains all the toxins from your body and skin and so prevents skin related problems like pimples. Therefore, sun salutation is the best method to have a fresh skin.

Weight Loss

Sun salutation helps to shed added calories from your body and thus cuts off belly fat. Several different yoga poses make it easier to stretch, flex by applying force on the whole body which results in weight loss. This is the easiest way to lose weight for the people who are longing for it and has been practicing yoga in their daily lives as well.

Healthy Heart

The sun salutation is one of the best ways to increase the heartbeat and improve the whole circulatory system as well. It throws all the waste from the body and ensures healthy functioning of the heart. Cells and tissues present in our body absorb fresh oxygen that leads to the healthy heart functioning.

Corrects Hormones Imbalance

Performing sun salutation daily with empty stomach helps in activating different endocrine glands and this helps in removing the abnormalities of such glands, which even helps in better blood circulation.

Stronger Digestive System

Sun salutation helps to make the whole digestive system stronger and healthy and this also helps to prevent constipation. It also prevents kidney problem in further life.

Sun salutation makes the inner organs conscious of the energy that is inactive in our navel.

It accelerates the blood to make the organs function perfectly.

Sun salutation serves to reduce anxiety, anger, stress building while a mental process and makes you concentrate fully and improves breathing.