Top 8 Diabetes Myths and Misconceptions Debunked

Diabetes is one of the most commonly occurring conditions in today’s world. It affects a large population across the world and is a group of diseases in which there is a high blood sugar level for a prolonged period of time. Even inspite of this, there are many common misconceptions and myths associated with this condition.  It is important to debunk these myths so as to be clear about the disease and its consequences. Thus, we have come up with the list of the top 8 myths about diabetes and their actual facts.

diabetes myths and misconceptions debunked

1. Diabetes is not a Serious Condition

One of the first and most common myths people have about diabetes is that it is not that serious. But in reality, this disease causes more deaths per year than AIDS and breast cancer combined.  It can lead to some serious complications like losing limbs, effect on eye sight and even death, if not controlled properly.

2. Diabetes is like a Death Sentence

A lot of people think that once they are diagnosed with diabetes, there is no getting out of it. But again this is a myth and in reality, the progression and cure of it is in the hands of the patient.  It is possible to bring down the levels with continued efforts.

3. Obese People Always get Diabetes

It is true that diabetes is mostly seen in overweight or obese persons but not all obese people get diabetes. Even normal-weighted people can get this condition. Weight surely is a risk factor but is not the only risk factor of diabetes.

4. Eating too much Sugar can Cause Diabetes

A lot of people think that diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar.  But in reality, diet is not the reason why diabetes is caused. Yes, sugar contributes to obesity which can create a risk factor for diabetes but consumption of it cannot directly cause this condition.

5. People who have Diabetes cannot Eat Sweets

This is a big misconception in the minds of not just who have diabetes but also in the minds of those who do not.  It is true that those with Type 2 diabetes must limit the sugar intake, but this in no way means that they cannot include an occasional sweet in their diet.

6. I will Eventually Lose my Limbs Since I have Diabetes

Yes, diabetes can sometimes lead to losing limbs but this is not true with every case. If controlled, people with diabetes can lead a normal life like others.

7. Insulin is Harmful

Insulin is nothing but a lifesaver and is not at all harmful. Insulin helps you avoid disbalance of blood sugar level and is important for those with diabetes.

8. People with Diabetes are more Prone to Flu and Cold

Diabetes in no way makes a person more prone to flu, cold and other such conditions. It does not increase the risk of contagious diseases but people are still advised to take flu shots.