Wish to Relieve Yourself from Chronic Hives? Try Vitamin D

Chronic hives are scientifically called ‘urticaria’. In general terms they are hoisted batches of red or white itchy welts of different sizes that appear and disappear on the body of the affected person. They are such kind of hives that lasts for some weeks and then persist again frequently or lasts for long period of time such as six months.

Chronic Hives

These itchy rashes are sub divided as acute urticaria or chronic urticaria. These types of rashes can affect any person of any age. They are tiny uplifted regions that get developed on the sufferer’s skin. These raised areas are called weals, which appears like mild blisters and causes itchiness. Both the symptoms and treatment of such kind of rashes are painful.

Chronic hives are believed to be an autoimmune problem, i.e. such problem that occurs due to one’s own immune system in many of the cases. This can also occur due to an allergy to a sort of food, parasite or medicine.  Hence it was difficult to prevent and to be treated.

However, recent researchers have discovered that vitamin D act as a boon for the patients suffering from this type of rashes. It has been detected that vitamin D can be used as an add-on therapy to the regular treatment and can help them get some relief of the pain and itchiness caused by these rashes. Vitamin D had been detected of reducing the severity of the symptoms of the illness.

The associate professor of the UNMC Department of Internal Medicines headed the investigations called “the Annals of Allergy and Immunology” for a time period of two years. The research was financially supported by American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology and the UNMC Clinical Research Center. A sum of $50,000 was grant for preceding the research.

The analysis was carried over 38 subjects. The kind of procedures that were followed and their results are mentioned below:-

  • For the first 12 weeks, all the subjects were supplied with a triple-drug combination of allergy drugs, vitamin D and over the counter supplements. Half of the subjects were consumed 600 IUs of vitamin D3 and the rest were supplied with 4000 IUs.
  • All the patients were suffering from the hives problem from five to twenty years of time. However, no kidney patient or calcium disorder patient was included in this group.
  • It was discovered that only in the short span of a week the symptoms of the patients saw a massive down-gradation of symptoms up to 33 percent in both the groups.
  • However, it was later founded that the group that consumed low vitamin D3 medications showed no improvement after the first week.
  • The veterans concluded that vitamin D is essential and act as a miracle drug in controlling the symptoms and affects of the chronic hives.

The exact causes of the disease are yet unknown. However, this research has signaled towards the positivity of utilizing vitamin D in the cure of the chronic hives. Analysts are planning to have larger researches over this to support the effectiveness of the vitamin in providing relief from chronic hives.