Welcoming Seasonal Alterations Without The Fear of Disease!

Change is the rule of nature and with every passing minute, hour and day, seasons are also getting altered. Summers, winters, autumn and rainy seasons have become the part and parcels of our lives. However, these alterations doesn’t come alone, with the happiness and smiles on many faces, they also bring along the danger of occurrence of several diseases. These diseases can cause several harmful effects on the health of an individual.

Seasonal diseases accompany every altering season and disturb the routine life of a person. However, some precautions and preventions can act as magical spells in shooing away these diseases and remaining safe and protective in the new season. Following are the precautions or preventive measures that can help you prevent the occurrence of harmful diseases and stay safe to welcome and enjoy the new season:

Tips to Take Care of Health in Changing Season


  • The most important of all is drinking ample amount of water. It is a myth that dehydration occurs only in the summer season. However, the fact is that dehydration or hypo-hydration can also occur when the body looses the required amount of water. Hence it is essential to take care of one’s water intake, not only in altering seasons but also on regular basis.

Skin care

  • Skin is usually neglected in the changing seasons. In summers the skin has to deal with extra moisture, whereas in winters it is left dried and dehydrated. People even don’t bother to know about the required type of moisturizer to be used in each season. It is important that the skin should breathe openly and different types of moisturizers are needed to be applied on the skin to prevent further damage and loss of glow from the face.

Insects at bay

  • Pests and insects are the guests of various seasons and their bites can cause major problems to the human beings. You need to keep away and prevent yourself from the bites of insects like the mosquitoes, spiders, wasps, bees, etc to avoid the danger of getting affected of harmful diseases like dengue, malaria, chicken guinea, etc.

Seasonal nutrition

  • It has been commonly found that we crave to eat the non seasonal fruits and doesn’t care to know the methods by which they are being supplied to us, when they should be unavailable in that season. These foods doesn’t contain any type of nutrition, instead they carry various kind of chemicals that might affect our body severely. You should strictly follow and eat the diet filled with only seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Most of the diseases get transmitted during seasonal changes through clothes and personal accessories such as socks, tie etc. Thus it is important to wash these separately in warm water wherein few drops of antiseptic are added to kill the germs.

As they say that prevention is better than cure, before getting affected by any sort of disease, it is recommended that you should follow simple measures to shoo away all the seasonal diseases and enjoy the full charm of every season.

photo credit: (listdose.com)