Do You Really Feel That You Have A Sinus Headache? Identify True Sinus Headache!

Most of them who experience frequent headaches think that they are suffering with sinus headache.

Even though headache is the most common symptom associated with sinusitis, only some individuals who have severe headache are confirmed with sinus headache.

However, if you have chronic sinus infections, possibly you can have some degree of facial pain and headache as a result of sinusitis infection.

So, if you really want to know the main root of your problem and to get better treatment for your headache, it becomes very important for you to determine whether your headache is due to sinus or due to any other reason.

How to identify a true sinus headache?

An acute sinus infection is typically associated with a headache. In these patients, a common cold usually progresses to increasing congestion and pain in the area of involved sinus.

Some of the most common manifestations involved with this sinus infection mainly include pain and pressure in your cheeks. This pain can considerably worsen whenever you lie down or bend forward.

At times, it becomes quite common for you to experience yellow- green or blood tingled discharge from your nasal cavities. Fever, cough, fatigue and sore throat are also certain important manifestations included in your sinus headache.

So, never confuse a migraine or any other kind of headache with a sinus infection. Usually, the signs and symptoms of migraine and sinus often overlap. So, pay proper attention while identifying the symptoms of sinus infection and get appropriate treatment for it.

How can you keep your sinuses healthy?

In order to reduce the risk of sinusitis and its associated sinus headache, it is very essential for you to keep your sinuses healthy and free from all kind of allergic symptoms. These are certain self care measures, which can help you in preventing the sinus headache and keeping your sinuses free from all kinds of allergic triggers.

  • Wash your hands frequently: Washing your hands frequently with water and soap can significantly help you to avoid potential respiratory infections, which can possibly lead you to sinus infection.
  • Avoid potential irritants of sinus headaches: Cigarette, pipe smoke and cigar and also other pollutants of air, mainly attacks your sinus membranes and leads to sinus headaches. So, try to stay away from all these potential irritants.
  • Try to use humidifiers at home: Add sufficient moisture to dry your indoor air for preventing sinusitis. But remember, you should not over do it.

Follow these essential self care tips to keep your sinuses healthy and to avoid its associated problems. Remember that identifying the appropriate cause for your headache significantly plays a vital role to get better treatment for your sinus headache.