New Finds on Anxiety Related Strokes

The researchers claim that anxiety is closely related to the chances of having a stroke. This means that the more anxious a person is, the greater the chances are of having a stroke. As a result is might be more important to manage anxiety than it was previously thought.New Finds on Anxiety Related Strokes

The Findings

The participants of the study who were the most anxious had 33% more chances of having a stroke compared to the participants with lower anxiety levels. This may be the first study regarding the connection between anxiety and stroke, but not all the specialists are convinced about the connection.

The Skeptical People

Those who do not really believe that there is a connection claim that a stroke can also be caused by high blood pressure, high pulse, and smoking and all of these can be risk factors for a stroke. These specialists believe that by treating the risk factors, like high blood pressure, diabetes, and smoking, they can decrease the chances of a stroke.

The Study

In order to reach their conclusions, the researchers worked with over 6,000 participants between the ages of 25 and 74. The participants have been interviewed and they had to have some medical tests besides completing medical questionnaires in order for the specialists to assess their depression and anxiety levels.

Long-Run Studies

In the following 22 years the specialists kept track of the medical data and nursing home records of the participants to know in case the participants had a stroke. It is just natural for all people to be anxious from time to time, but its intensity can affect the blood vessel system on the long run.

The Connection

At the moment it is not known whether anxiety itself is to blame for stroke, or whether it’s the behavior that anxious people have. As an example, anxious people tend to smoke and usually they have an inactive lifestyle. Besides this, the high stress hormone levels, high pulse, and high blood pressure can also contribute to a stroke.


Although the study did find a correlation between anxiety and stroke, the truth is that at the moment there is no convincing evidence of a cause and effect relationship. At the moment all the specialists know is that a bit of anxiety is good for people, but a lot of it takes a toll on the body.

Regardless of the connection, people have to do their best to reduce their anxiety levels.