Acid Reflux Remedies at Home

Gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) or acid reflux occurs when the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) is not strong enough to endure the pressure from the stomach. When this happens, the gastric enzymes from the stomach go up to the throat, thus, causing uncomfortable symptoms and heartburn.

Some people are born with weakened lower esophageal sphincters while some others develop the condition due to so many predisposing factors and lifestyle practices.

Some of these factors include a high intake of acidic foods, frequent drinking of alcoholic beverages and taking certain medications for asthma and diabetes. These factors predispose one to develop a more acidic stomach.Acid Reflux Remedies at Home

In order to rule out the presence of other gastric disorders, it is of utmost importance that one knows the signs and symptoms of acid reflux or GERD.

The symptoms of acid reflux include heartburn, dyspepsia, throat sensation, chest discomfort or pain and regurgitation.

Heartburn is described as a burning sensation which originates from the stomach up to the chest and throat. This symptom usually occurs after a heavy meal or while one is bending over, lying down or lifting.

Heartburn is considered as the primary symptom of acid reflux.

One of the basic remedies that one could do is to minimize or eliminate the activities which could lead to the reflux of acid. In order to minimize the likelihood of heartburn, one should eat small meals and should avoid lying down immediately after eating.

The ideal time of sleeping is at least 4 hours after dinner in order to facilitate proper digestion of food.

Dyspepsia is a symptom of GERD characterized by discomfort in the upper abdomen, stomach fullness and nausea after meals. This symptom, however, should be ruled out since one could have dyspepsia without having GERD.

The feeling of acid backing up in the throat is called regurgitation. Sometimes, GERD sufferers experience this sensation and may come out forcefully as vomit. In order to reduce the probability of regurgitation one of the acid reflux remedies at home suggests that one should consume liberal amounts of water in order to wash the remaining enzymes and dilute the stomach acids.

In some cases, other people may have chest pain and discomfort caused the reflux of acid. Sometimes, others may feel as if there are food particles left behind the breastbone. Although there are several acid reflux remedies, one should still differentiate this kind of chest pain from chest pain caused by angina or myocardial infarction.

Some symptoms of GERD include symptoms and sensations in the throat. One may be having symptoms such as frequent swallowing, dysphagia and persistent hiccups.

To minimize the presence of acid, one of the acid reflux remedies recommends that one should chew gums that are high in alkaline content in order to neutralize the acidic environment in the stomach.

If acid reflux remedies at home prove to be unhelpful and in the case of severe corrosion of the esophagus, one should seek for medical help and consultation in order for prompt medical treatment to transpire. This visit will often result with the doctor writing a prescription for acid-reflux medication. However, there are several options to choose from once the doctor provides this prescription. Some may instinctively resort to picking up their medicine at the nearest drug store, but the truth is that there are a myriad of online pharmacies that allow acid reflux victims to obtain their medication at a much lower price. Further, these pharmacies will even deliver the medicine to the recipient’s home, eliminating the need for back and forth transportation to the drug store.