Is Lactose Intolerance Really A Serious Health Condition To Worry?

Do you feel bloated immediately after drinking a glass of milk? Don’t worry! You are not the only person suffering with this condition.

Studies show that almost 70% of total world’s population is actually suffering with various digestion problems, because of consuming milk or any other diary products.

This kind of intolerance towards milk [Milk allergy] or dairy [Dairy allergy] products is often referred as lactose intolerance.

Lactose intolerance is usually not that dangerous. But, symptoms associated with lactose intolerance can become quite uncomfortable for you.

The main underlying problem linked with lactose intolerance is lactase deficiency. Whenever your body lacks adequate amount of lactase, an enzyme produced by the lining of your small intestine, you can experience difficulty in the ingestion process of milk or dairy products.

But remember, not every one who is suffering with lactose intolerance can have a problem in the ingestion of dairy products and even people with lower levels of lactase in their body cannot develop lactose intolerance essentially.

Only some individuals who lack certain prescribed amount of lactase are usually considered to experience lactose intolerance in their life.

Is it preferable to consume yogurt with lactose intolerance?

Consuming yogurt, despite of having lactose intolerance, can be safe at times. Certain studies show that active live bacterial growth found in yogurt, can possibly help you in digestion of lactose.

However, frozen yogurt usually doesn’t seem to show the same effect for many individuals. As a result, they can still suffer with stomach upset, because of eating yogurt.

Even fermented butter milk and acidophilus milk still causes the same level of distress, which is associated with drinking milk, in many people. As different persons have different levels of lactase deficiency, at times it becomes quite difficult for anyone to recognize specific product towards which they have intolerance.

Is there any alternative to get adequate levels of calcium to your body?

If you are suffering with lactose intolerance, providing sufficient levels of nutrients particularly calcium, which are available in dairy products, can become rather tough task for you. So, explore various other alternatives to supply calcium content for your body. There are many other non-dairy products, which can actually provide you sufficient levels of calcium to your body. Some of the most common sources for calcium content food can include:

  • You can take calcium fortified juices and cereals, instead of milk.
  • Soy products are also considered as good sources for calcium. So, you can try various soy products like soy milk, tofu and even soy beans in your regular diet.
  • Certain vegetables like okra, broccoli, turnip greens, collards and kale also have ample amounts of calcium. So, you can even include these foods in your diet.
  • Canned sardines, salmon, tuna are rich sources of calcium.

It is believed that many people are suffering with calcium deficiency, despite of consuming dairy products regularly. So, don’t be depressed about your lactose intolerance. Try to include the above mentioned foods in your regular diet and get sufficient amount of calcium for your body and stay strong and healthy.