How Marriage Is Good for Health and a Longer Life?

Multiple studies have been able to categorically demonstrate that marriage is good for you and that it helps you lead a longer life. Researchers have termed this as clear and compelling evidence that marriage is really an institution to be recommended.

Married individuals experience less stress, are seen to be more optimistic and having improved immunity than their single counterparts, leading to a healthier and longer life.

How Marriage

Study after study has consistently shown that stress and anger are linked to greater incidences of sickness and shorter life spans.

It is not marriage per se, but a stable, secure and committed relationship that is seen to have this positive impact; leading one to the question, as to who benefits more from the relationship, men or women.

While research showed that there was a very significant difference in death rates when it came to unmarried or married men, that difference was more modest when it came to women. Marriage was seen to lower incidence of fatal accidents, violence and so on.

There seems to be clear evidence that men gain more from marriage, in terms of health, wellbeing and longer lives. Men’s life spans were seen to increase more than that of married women.