Will You Have a Heart Attack? Your Genes Can Tell

A new study conducted over different countries ranging from the United States to Europe, has found and identified the gene variant that could predict heart disease.

A series of large scale genetic studies have important implications for the number one killer disease in the world, which can manifest in conditions such as coronary artery disease and so on.meningitis-treatment

Researchers, who have identified 13 new gene variants that could help predict heart disease, are hopeful that this could help lead to new and more effective treatments for the condition.

Researchers and experts are also hopeful that it could become possible for genetic mapping to become routine in the future, which could help in not only treating but also preventing heart disease.

It could be possible to predict who is at the highest risk of developing heart disease, with the help of such testing – for instance if a person is found to have these genetic variations called single nucleotide polymorphisms and is also found to have other lifestyle indicators such as being inactive or having an unhealthy diet, then it may be possible to predict that they are at higher than average risk of developing a heart condition.