Home and Homeopathic Remedy for Sinus Infection

Sinusitis is a condition that, while not dangerous unless complications occur, can be a debilitating condition that can be chronic in nature. Lot of incidental problems such as congestion, nasal discharge, reduced sense of smell, possibility of dental infection, aching teeth, dizziness and so on can also trouble the sufferer which is why a homeopathic remedy for sinus infection can be a popular way to manage it.homeopathic-remedy-for-sinus-infection.jpg

Depending upon the underlying cause for sinusitis, whether it is caused due to allergies, autoimmune reasons, infection, structural abnormality, the correcthomeopathic remedy for sinus infectionor acute sinusitis (as it is also called) can be determined.

The ABC homeopathy site offers the proper homeopathic remedy for sinus infection, based upon the symptoms of sinus that a person suffers from.

Whether it is a blocked nose or a runny nose, the color of the nasal discharge, presence of headache, other pains such as throat pain, abdomen or stomach pain, coughing, expectoration, fever, offensive mouth odor or a bad taste in the mount and so on are required to be selected and then the appropriate remedy sought.

Homeopathic remedy for sinus infection can be symptom-based as well as based on the individual to be treated. In fact there is no single homeopathic remedy for sinus infection – it tends to depend upon the condition of the disease, how long ago it started, how it persisted and similar other factors.

Though the most popular homeopathy remedies for treating sinus are Kali Bichom, Hepar sulph, Merc sol, Kali carb, Gelsimium, Teucrium and Silicea 200C, a trained homeopath is the best person to prescribe the correct dosage and remedy.

Apart from the homeopathic remedy for sinus infection several home remedies also offer effective management solutions for sinusitis –

  • Nasal irrigation using a saline solution can help to ease swelling and also clear the blocked nasal passages.
  • A ginger compress is also useful to help with drainage of the nasal passages.
  • A solution made out of horseradish, olive oil and lemon juice can be consumed to help to reduce the mucus in the nasal passages.
  • The antioxidant properties of grape seed extract are also seen to help with sinus problems.
  • Massaging accurate acupressure points around the nose and facial massage can help ease sinus discomfort.
  • Food that creates mucus production in the body should be avoided.

Thus apart from homeopathic remedy for sinus infection, there are effective home remedies also that can help control the situation.