E Cigarettes Pose Health Risk, Say Researchers

Though widely used as a safer alternative to smoking, not much is known about the health impact of Electronic cigarettes (generally called e-cigarettes and also called ‘electronic nicotine delivery systems’).

Researchers at the University of California, Riverside examined issues such as design flaws, lack of adequate labeling and other quality control and health issues relating to e-cigarettes and came to the conclusion that e cigarettes are potentially harmful.

Though e cigarettes do not burn tobacco and hence don’t create the toxic chemicals that the combustion releases, there are chemicals present in the aerosolized vapors that e cigarettes produce, about which little (if anything at all) is known.

So people may believe these cigarettes to be safe, but in fact there have been no scientific studies conducted with regard to their safety. Researchers express the apprehension that they could cause serious public health problems if the flaws present in the product at this time, go uncorrected.

Labeling and essential warnings regarding leakage and exposure of nicotine to children, pets, adults and the environment, contamination from discarded cartridges to water supplies and soil, proper disposal and so on are just some of the issues raised by the researchers about e cigarettes.