Why You Shouldn’t Be Hitting The Snooze Button?

Get up when the alarm rings. Don’t moan and groan and lie abed awhile longer.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t hit the snooze button:

  • Over sleeping can mean that your body is in fasting mode for longer, and this can alter your metabolism. It can even lead to weight increase.
  • Extend your sleep by no more than 30 minutes if you really must. More than that can result in lethargy and reduced energy/productivity.
  • The more time you spend in bed, the less time you spend being productive – doing an early morning workout, walk or run, some chores that need doing or making an early start to the day’s work will all remain unaccomplished.
  • Sleeping too long can make you feel disoriented and make it harder for you to start concentrating on the work at hand. Tasks will take longer to complete and you will end up wasting time.
  • Headaches may result from over sleeping. This is because the spinal fluid is said to move up to the brain and cause headaches and eye problems as well.