Will Job Promotions Can Compromise Health?

As if the current economic situation were not stressful enough on its own, a recent study has found that workers who were promoted to higher level jobs experienced greater mental stress, and had less time to visit the doctor when they did become ill.

Stress is known to lie at the heart of a great number of illnesses. Stress can cause elevated blood pressure.

It can increase your risk of having cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and also stroke. You will age faster, and may have fertility issues.

Stress can make you vulnerable to becoming anxious and depressed. And because stress weakens the immune system, you become increasingly vulnerable to a great number of infections your body might otherwise be able to resist.

The key lesson to take away from this study is that whatever job you have; you need to deal effectively with the amount of stress you are under. There are a variety of ways to manage stress; keep trying things until you find something that works well for you.

When you are ill, take time to visit the doctor and recover. After all, what good is getting a promotion if you are too ill to enjoy it?