Solutions For A Dry Mouth

Waking up in the morning with a dry mouth is never fun.

Maybe you are a person who snores, and your mouth was open all night, and now your mouth is as dry as sawdust. What causes dry mouth you might ask?

Dry mouth comes when saliva quits producing in your mouth for one reason or another.

Saliva helps your mouth to be able to talk. Chewing your food would be a hard thing to do without saliva to help break it down.

Spitting is non-existent if you do not have enough saliva in your mouth, and having a dry mouth can actually affect your health.

Causes of Dry Mouth

The first thing that probably comes to mind when thinking of what could cause dry mouth is the lack of water. Although a lack of water does cause dry mouth, many other things cause this too.

If you have had a fever lately, then this could have depleted your mouth of wetness and given you dry mouth.

Throwing up along with diarrhea could be your problem also. Not forgetting to mention exercise, this can really be a culprit of dry mouth.

You may also have other reasons your mouth is feeling dry, such as you’re going through early menopause, and if you smoke cigarettes.

Drinks and Dry Mouth

Certain things you drink can cause you to have drying out of the mouth. It is best that you quit drinking sodas if the dryness is severe for you. These drinks are carbonated and have acids in them that will dry out your mouth.

Another drink that you will want to avoid is alcohol because this beverage will also make your mouth dry. You will want to avoid mouthwashes and medications that have alcohol in them for this reason.


Sometimes your home can get that dry air feeling especially in the winter when you have your heat on. Purchasing a cool mist vaporizer would be a good thing to do. This vaporizer will put moisture back into your air and prevent dry mouth.

Another option to eliminate your mouth from being dry would be to put water in a pan on the top of your kitchen or wood heating stove to release moisture back into the air.

Instant Relief

There are products that you can purchase to alleviate your problem. These saliva substitutes come in a gel or toothpaste form.

You can obtain these products at any pharmacy over the counter. No prescriptions are required to purchase these items. [How to get rid of dry mouth]

Sugarless Remedies

To help get your salivary glands pumping saliva again you can chew on a piece of sugarless hard candy. Sugarless  can also get you saliva glands going.

Make sure to keep these two sugarless treats on hand at all times. Both of these sugarless solutions will help to put the wetness back into your mouth.

Dry mouth can be very uncomfortable for you. With a little knowledge on how to prevent dry mouth, you will be a happier and healthier person.