How To Get Relief From Abscessed Tooth?

Abscessed tooth can be very painful and if it is not treated at the right time, the infection spreads to other healthy tooth and consequently you can lose your tooth.

Untreated minor damages to tooth or gum disease can cause tooth abscess.

The possibility of abscessed tooth to turn into life threatening condition certainly depends on the location of the damaged tooth.

Infection that lies in the area between the eye and upper lip that includes nose as well may have potential risk of spreading the infection to the brain.

Is it essential to get bad tooth out?

Yes, of course. If your source of infection persists on in a particular area, you may possibly have the risk of spreading infection to the rest of your healthy parts.

Many of you fail to realize that oral cavity is highly vascular and any infection in oral cavity easily spreads through bloodstream and aids to widespread of bacteria.

So, it is very important for you to take good care of oral infections and incorporate proper dental care in your routine life.

How to get better relief from abscessed tooth pain?

As already said, abscessed tooth can be a very painful condition that you might have ever felt.

When your toothache doesn’t stop even if you have taken medications, try these helpful tricks mentioned below.

Trick #1: Rinse your mouth thoroughly with clean warm salt water for at least thrice a day, till you get better relief from toothache (toothache relief). Actually, salt helps you in two ways; it cleans the infection and also helps to eliminate bacterial infection in your tooth.

Trick #2: Place a hot tea bag at the site of infection or toothache. Hot doesn’t mean that it should burn your mouth or injure your gums, so ensure that the tea bag is slightly hotter than your tolerable levels.

Trick #3: Lay with the painful side of your head on a heating pad. With the exposure of heat from a heating pad, it will help you to alleviate tooth pain to some extent.

Trick #4: Never attempt to drink anything that is too cold or too hot when you have unbearable toothache that is associated with abscessed tooth. Cold drinks can in fact harden the infection and causes it to sink back into the jaw.

Trick #5: Clove oil is usually recommended for toothache. So if you have a few amounts of clove oil at home simply dab it on clean cotton and hold it against the infected tooth.

Poor dental hygiene is the main trigger for abscessed tooth. So be certain that you maintain good oral hygiene and follow these helpful tricks to get better relief from toothache associated with abscessed tooth.