Better Heart Health With Blueberries

Heart disease causes a number of deaths each year, and even more hospital stays.

Everyone is looking for ways to improve the health of their heart.

The humble blueberry can be an important part of your healthy heart plan.

Blueberries, like any fruit or vegetable with a dark pigment, has a high level of naturally occurring antioxidants.

These particular antioxidants are called anthocyanins, and diets high in anthocyanins have been shown to significantly reduce the risk of heart diseases.

In studies, overweight rats were fed blueberry powder made from freeze-dried berries, along with either a low-fat or a higher-fat diet. Researchers looked at total body fat in the animals as well as fat around the abdomen, lipid levels, and how well the animals were able to control their blood sugar.

While results were more pronounced when the blueberries were a part of a low fat diet, they were still present even when a higher-fat diet was consumed. This means that while you are working toward making your overall diet healthier, adding blueberries now can make a difference.

The rats who received the blueberry powder also had overall lower blood sugar levels, and their bodies did a better job of using insulin and processing sugar for energy.

This may also help prevent the development of diabetes, a significant risk factor for heart disease as well as serious diseases in and of itself.