Treatment For Toenail Fungus You Can Do At Home

Do you love to show off those attractive toes? Do you like wearing slippers and sandals? If yes, you should learn to take care[nail care] of your toenails by avoiding fungus.

Onychomycosis is the scientific name of nail fungus. It is a very common disease wherein fingernails and toenails are infected by tiny organisms.

Luckily, a lot of treatment for toenail fungus is available. But of course, who wants to have chipped and deformed toenails?

Treatment for toenail fungus may be difficult at times because the fungus happens below the toenails and is very hard to reach. This type of fungus exists in warm and moist places. People from warm climates who are used to wearing shoes are more susceptible to toenail fungus.

Knowing the right treatments for toenail fungus can save your toes. Treatment for toenail fungus is necessary whenever the toenails get chipped, flaky or brittle.

The same thing needs to be done when toenails turn yellow, black or brown in color. Worse yet, a certain smell emanates from under the toenails. Others also experience a stinging pain while walking.

There are a lot of ways wherein the spread of fungus may be eliminated. Since it is contagious, the earlier the fungus is treated, the lesser the risk of an infection. Here are some treatments you can do at home:

Vinegar: This is not only good for preserving; it can also be used as treatment for toenail fungus. Here’s how to do it. Soak toenails in vinegar and warm water for at least twenty minutes twice daily, the symptoms are believed to disappear. After soaking, make sure to wipe your toes with clean and dry towels.

Tea tree oil: This oil has many uses because it is in itself a natural fungicide and antiseptic. This powerful natural remedy is also used as treatment for toenail fungus.

Simply rub the affected toenail with tea tree oil twice daily until the fungus is gone. When used as treatment for toenail fungus, the tea tree oil does not yield any side effects.

Mouthwash: The antiseptic found in mouthwash is another effective treatment for toenail fungus. Similarly, soaking the affected toenail will help in eradicating the fungus.

Another antiseptic that can be used as treatment for toenail fungus is rubbing alcohol. This is readily available in pharmacies that every household must have.

Hydrogen peroxide: Mixing this with water is another kind of treatment for toenail fungus. However, the same may also be used as it is without need of water. Make sure that after soaking, the affected foot must be dried with absorbent paper towel.

By getting yourself protected all the time, toenail fungus is on its way to oblivion. If you already have it, do not despair because there are hidden wonders waiting to be discovered right at your own cupboards. They are more convenient, cheap, accessible and safe. In due time, you will again be showing off those nice toenails.