10 Simple And Easy Tips To Treat Cold Naturally

A sore throat, runny nose and fever could be put into one word– cold. This disease is so contagious that nobody wants to get nearby to somebody who has cold.

A mere handshake and peck on the cheeks can get one infected. What is even worse is that it has no available specific treatment.

The common cold virus thrives on things around us like laptops, telephones, notebooks or pens.

There is no specific treatment for cold but there are remedies that can be followed to avoid or lessen the symptoms.

Below are some helpful natural means as treatment for cold.

1. Rest is best. Take that time off from school or from the office. The best treatment for cold comes in getting enough sleep.

As you can see, whenever we have cold, our bodies are at a battle with the virus. As a result, we easily get exhausted. So, how do we regain and boost our lost energy and vigor? Sleep is truly the best.

2. Gargle. Do you get irritated by sore throats? Do you want to be relieved by the discomfort it brings? Why don’t you try dissolving a teaspoon of salt in lukewarm water? Said solution is a natural treatment for cold as it relieves sore throat. Do this at least four times a day.

Tea is also a good option because of its tannin content. It helps tighten the throat membranes. Others also suggest combining honey with raspberry leaves or lemon juice. Just a piece of advise though, any of these solutions must not be given to children below one year old.

3. Drink plenty of hot liquids. Who does not hate nasal congestion. It makes you restless and it disturbs your sleep, right? Well, here’s a simple solution to get rid of that irritant.

Drink plenty of hot liquids. This is proven to soothe inflamed mebranes that line the nose and throat. It also prevents dehydration.

4. Steamy showers. Feeling woozy and sore? Why not turn on the shower and the heater? A warm steamy shower is a good treatment for cold. It relaxes you and relieves nasal passsages. It also takes off dizziness.

5. Apply a salve under your nose. How do you feel when you smell the combined aroma of camphor, eucalyptus and menthol? Wow, doesn’t it feel relaxing? Of course, that is how these things work – opening the breathing passages. It also relieves irritation at the base of the nose. Stop rubbing yours noses, applying a salve under your nose does the tricks.

6. Cold packs. Cold packs around congested sinuses is another natural treatment for cold. No need to buy one as dampened cloth will work well too.

7. Proper sleep positioning. Sleeping with extra pillows under your bed helps drain the nasal passages. This works even for small children too.

8. Avoid traveling by plane. Traveling by plane with a cold? Put off that special trip because it’s not advisable if you have a cold. Surprisingly, flying stresses out your respiratory system because of pressure changes during landings and takeoffs.

9. Avoid antibiotics and other over-the-counter medicines. Doctors do not advise taking of medicines as treatment for cold. Nvertheless, decongestants such as acetaminophenx may be used.

10. Handwashing. Remember the A(H1N1) scare that rocked the whole world? Overnight, handwashing became a trend and a fad on its own. Although regular handwashing is not deemed as a treatment for cold, this habit is one way of getting rid of the virus.