Telltale Signs That Something Is Wrong

They may not seem like much, but there may be little telltale signs from your body that say something is very wrong! Here is what to look out for and what it may mean:

  • Shorter eyebrows or losing hair on the outer corners of the eyebrows could mean low thyroid hormone levels.
  • Yellow bumps in the inner corners of the eyes may mean you have high cholesterol. Those could be fat deposits!
  • If your eyes seem to be bulging out, that could mean hyper thyroidism.
  • Yellowing of the white of the eyes may mean liver disease or problems with your gall bladder.
  • Dry or brittle hair could mean an iron deficiency, and premature graying could be a Vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • Losing hair could be a sign of stress so that old hoary chestnut is actually true!
  • And check something that you don’t normally bother to look at, your earlobes. A diagonal crease there could mean poor circulation and therefore heart attack risk!
  • And do you bruise too easily? That may be a warning sign of leukemia in some cases. Or it could be a reaction to medications.
  • Brittle finger nails could mean a deficiency or thyroid problems. Horizontal lines could indicate heart disease and discolored nails could mean a fungal infection or even at times lung disease!