Top 3 Choices For Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

What could be worse than halitosis and body odor? That would be bacterial vaginosis. Have you heard of it? Well, it only happens to women and it can be very embarrassing plus it can cause severe irritation and discomfort.

Being a woman is both a boon and a bane. For one, we have all sorts of conditions to watch out for. There are those that are a lot simpler than the other, but just as equally uncomfortable as the rest of the others.

One such condition, you must watch out for is bacterial vaginosis.

This is a condition where the vagina emits unpleasant and foul odor when it is not supposed to be at normal circumstances. Talk about gross stuffs.

Bacterial vaginosis treatment must be sought for at once before it gets any worse. Of course, you do not want people complaining about the heady smell you bring.

However, the primary reason being is that, in essence, there is an abnormal build up of bacteria in the vagina that causes this foul odor. It can be associated with somewhat of a fishy smell. There are also some cases that report of certain pelvis pain and fever for those infected by it.

Before bacterial vaginosis treatment can be administered, it is best that you should have checked immediately for doctors to rule out the multiple possibilities.

Bacterial vaginosis treatment can immediately be given once they can pinpoint the true nature of the tests. These tests include pelvic and cervical tests to see if there are other complications such as sexually transmitted diseases or the like.

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of bacterial vaginosis treatment available for those who suffer the condition. The good news is that, for those who do not know it yet, bacterial vaginosis treatment does not require surgery; instead, requires either oral or topical medications that are also antibiotics in nature.

Here are the top 3 choices for bacterial vaginosis treatment available today:

1. Flagyl

Flagyl is known to as an oral pill used for bacterial vaginosis treatment. This treatment is the most effective, but carries side effects along with it.

2. Metronidazole

There are different kinds of metronidazole available for use in treatments today. There are oral treatments and gel form vaginal treatments available.

The vaginal metronidazole vaginal gels are usually applied at certain times daily. The oral metronidazole is also taken at certain times daily, but may cause side effects if induced with alcohol and other harmful substances.

3. Cleocin

This bacterial vaginosis treatment is used in application through the vagina. They usually come with applicators wherein the woman would have to set the cream inside the vagina itself.

There are prescribed numbers of applications in a day which is usually given by the doctor. There are some cases that report side effects such as diarrhea and lower back pains. If there are certain side effects that occur it is best that you re-evaluate yourself with the doctor.

Women like you and me must always be conscious of our bodies all the time. If you believe that you are suffering from this very embarrassing condition, an urgent visit to the gynecologist is a must. Such condition might eventually worsen.