Home Cancer Detection Kits Could Be A Possibility Thanks To Sensor

Now a gadget smaller than a human hair could likely be a detection tool to identify a number of different diseases including prostate and breast cancer.

This is an acoustic resonant sensor that is currently being developed by engineering professor Jae Kwon at the University of Missouri in Columbia.

This sensor will be useful in detecting the presence of disease by examining bodily fluids using micro- and nano-electromechanical systems according to the post.

Currently the technology to track the presence of disease in body fluids is inadequate; however using this highly sensitive, low-signal-loss acoustic resonant sensors in a liquid it will be possible to detect these substances. It is claimed that that this sensor will be effective, non invasive and quick.

The sensing device has been tested successfully in controlled lab environments, and has been able to detect disease causing substances. When adapted for home use, this device will likely give quick and accurate results and cut down on the anxiety that is generally associated with biopsies, that are currently used to detect the presence of cancer.  Biopsies may take days, or even weeks to get results, however this could deliver real time results.