10 Best States For Your Good Health And Well Being

The Gallup poll presented the ten best states for well being in the United States. The poll recorded people’s feeling of well-being on a scale from one to 100; 100 being ideal well-being.

  • Hawaii with its beautiful beaches, salubrious climate and scenic locales recorded the highest degree of wellbeing with 70.2 points.
  • Utah which was at no 1 last year came in second with 68.3 points.
  • Montana residents also thought their quotient of well-being was as high with the same number of points at Utah, 68.3.
  • Minnesota with its vast stretches of prairie land comes next with 67.8 points.
  • Iowa known to some as the “Food capital of the world” is next on the list at 67.6 points.
  • The north eastern state of Vermont is in next with 67.4 points.
  • Colorado, with its spectacular scenic beauty including mountains, lakes, river and plains comes next with 67.3 points.
  • Also polling 67.3 points is the northern most state of Alaska, the cold being no deterrent to well-being.
  • North Dakota also polled 67.3 points.
  • Kansas was next with 67.2.

Source: gallup