Did You Choose Surgery For Your Stomach Cancer Treatment?

Do you include more preserved foods in your diet? Then you are at increased risk of developing stomach cancer.

Foods that are usually preserved through salting, smoking and pickling mostly contain larger amounts of nitrites and nitrates.

When these nitrites and nitrates enter into your stomach, they are easily converted into cancer causing compounds and eventually aid your body to develop stomach cancer.

Stomach cancer is most common in those countries where the use of preserved foods, such as salted fish and pickled vegetables is high.

Japan and Korea are the two prominent countries, which tends to have higher rates of stomach cancer. Consuming diet which is rich in red meat, especially which is grilled or well done, can increase your risk of developing stomach cancer.

Heart burns, discomfort or severe pain in abdomen, diarrhea, loss of appetite, weakness and fatigue and blood in stool are the most significant warning signs of stomach cancer.

Nutritional concerns!

If you are in the process of treating your stomach cancer, then it becomes very essential for you to take appropriate nutritious food during or after your stomach cancer treatment. Your diet must include right amounts of calories, vitamins, proteins and also minerals.

At times, eating well can become quite tough task for you. Particularly, during or immediately after the treatment, you might not feel like to eat food. You can experience severe fatigue and tiredness. You can also feel that food, which is actually good; do not taste as good as it is used to be.

You can also experience certain side effects like poor appetite, vomiting, diarrhea and also nausea. So, try to consult a better dietician and take required suggestions to deal with your diet problems.

Weight loss after surgery!

You can lose considerable weight of your body after stomach cancer surgery. Another common problem, which you can experience after having stomach surgery, is dumping syndrome. Due to this dumping syndrome, you can experience severe cramps, bloating, diarrhea and also dizziness. So, eating smaller meals and avoiding sweets, juices, cookies, alcoholic beverages can help you to prevent dumping syndrome.

So, try to take proper suggestions from your personal dietician and also from your doctor regarding the nutrition, which you have to take after your stomach cancer surgery. Try to follow those necessary steps and get better results with your stomach surgery.