Best Ways To Avoid Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (or STDs) can be transmitted in a variety of ways.

It isn’t just full intercourse that can transmit STDs, it can be other forms of sexual activity such as anal or oral sex, and even genital foreplay that can spread these infections.

Some STDs are passed on by skin to skin contact and not just by way of mingling body fluids such as semen, blood or saliva.

Some STDs can also be passed on by a mother to her baby. The only real and fool proof way to avoid STDs completely is abstinence, and that is a fact.

However, given that this is not possible for most of us, the other chief ways in which to avoid STDs are:

Monogamous Relationship: An exclusive relationship in which both partners are monogamous is the best way in which you can be fairly sure of not catching anything nasty.

Of course even this comes with a caveat; you and your partner would have to be disease free to begin with, so if there is any kind of apprehension, it would be the sensible thing to do, to get tested for communicable diseases before eschewing protection.

Before both partners are established as being disease free it is prudent to continue to use protection. Suddenly meeting someone and deciding to become exclusive and monogamous is not enough.

Practice Safe Sex: If one is sexually active in terms of having either multiple partners (no one steady) or having serial partners (one steady relationship after another) then it is important to use condoms each time you have intercourse.

Remember many STDs may be asymptomatic or may at a given time be in recession and many are difficult if not impossible to spot. You can never assume anything by looking at a person so it is important to use protection all the time.

Even a condom is not positive proof against contracting an STD, but it is your best bet at avoiding sexually communicable infections. Also clinical trials show that actual condom is often done incorrectly, so it is also important to use barrier protection in the proper way for maximum benefit.

Birth Control is not the same as safe sex: It may be obvious, but it bears repeating, that being on the pill of having an IUD fitted is absolutely no protection against any communicable disease, women will be as vulnerable to STDs.

Falling pregnant may actually be the lesser of one’s worries when one is sexually active with multiple partners. Far greater dangers lurk, which one would do well to guard vigilantly against!