Migraine? Try Botox

We all know that Botox is a preferred method for smoothing age lines and wrinkles from faces, but now a study suggests that Botox can help prevent migraines as well.

A small study has suggested that those ocular migraines that are described as eye popping or crushing, may get help from Botox.

It is suggested that Botox can help reduce recurrence. The same positive effect was not seen to occur in the case of sort of migraine that creates pressure inside the head. While the former kind of headaches (ocular headaches) responded to botulinum toxin A injections, those with exploding headaches did not respond similarly.

These results were seen using a cosmetic dermatology setting, using botulinum toxin A doses. These doses were much lower than those typically used by specialists dealing in headaches. Patients with ocular migraine who had the Botox procedure done reported reduction in migraine pain. On the other hand most of those who suffered from exploding migraine did not experience a similar reduction.

Botox is a lethal toxin that works by paralyzing muscles and therefore smoothing lines and wrinkles. It is thought that it helps in the case of migraines, perhaps by reducing inflammation or by blocking pain receptors.