The Importance Of Good Hygiene To Your Overall Mood

Have you ever noticed that when you are freshly showered and shaven you feel better than when you first wake up from, say a nap? Or have you ever noticed how after you’ve gotten a pedicure and manicure you feel so much more confident.

Or, even thought we absolutely hate going to the dentist have you ever noticed how great you feel after having your teeth cleaned really well?

These are all indications that we feel much healthier when we are practicing good hygiene. And obviously practicing good hygiene is extremely good for our health.

Times are tough right now with the economy so very few of us can afford to go to the salon and spa at all but maybe just pay special attention to your teeth for a week. Seriously. We know it sounds funny but so many of us rush through our oral hygiene routine. For one week take your time, brush in circles, floss and rinse.

And then the following week pay special attention to your feet by filing them down and massaging them every day for a week.

And the next week you could pay special attention to your face and eyes, gently exfoliating and moisturizing every night.