Contraception Female Ring Vs Contraceptive Pill

Many people don’t know that contraception is a method that dates from medieval times. In the late 10th century there were at least 20 different ways for birth control.

Through out the history means and ways changed, different herbs or materials were used in the function of a barrier. All of that contributed to today’s contraception methods.

Nowadays when we live in a time where sexually transmitted diseases pose a real threat to human life, contraception found a new function besides its primary birth control usage.

The market and the doctors offer a palette of different contraceptive methods, among which the most popular are the female ring, commonly known as the vaginal ring and the contraceptive pill.

Both methods prove to be very effective when it comes to birth control. In fact they both assure the user that there is 95 to 99% chance that they will do what they are supposed to, which is a great advantage.

On the other hand they don’t protect from sexually transmitted disease, which is a disadvantage. As a disadvantage can be regarded the fact that they both may produce certain side effects to women that are using them like nausea, vomiting, stomach ache, etc and you have to have a prescription to get them.

But besides this they are good for planning a family and they offer continuous protection, they are also very easy to use and they give the possibility to enjoy the sexual pleasure, which is very good.

Also women before taking contraceptive pills should see a doctor first. This is because there are hundreds of different pills and some may not be good for users with some health conditions like liver problems.

Although it is available for everyone, and women with different age use it, the pill is generally preferred by women older than 20 and younger than 30. These women mostly chose it because of the continuous protection and the fact that it is easy to use and it does not decrease sexual pleasures.

The female ring is a contraceptive method that is mostly chosen by women in their teen years. This spans out to women in their mid 20. This also is a choice for these women because it is safe and saves them the trouble of remembering to take a pill.

Choosing the right contraception is not an easy thing to do. Knowledge is power, so everyone who uses any contraceptive method should be well informed about how safe it is, how it is properly used, and what possible side effects it could cause.