6 Possible Reasons For Excessive Fatigue

Fatigue is a common problem for a lot of people these days. The fast pace tempo that our every day lives dictate may be the general factor for this fatigue. People seem always to be in a hurry, always lacking time.

As a result higher stress levels and improper nourishment lead to various diseases and conditions. This is because these things lower the immunity. The excessive fatigue is manifested with a lot of symptoms.

Constant tiredness or sleepiness is only one of them, but it is surely the most recognizable one.

Other symptoms are: headaches, dizziness, body and muscle fatigue, low motivation, low concentration, lack of coordination in the extremities, appetite loss, etc.

Surely all of these symptoms can be related with many other conditions but all together they are characteristic only for the excessive fatigue disorder.

There are many reasons that could cause this disorder, and here are some of them.

1. Anemia is surely one of the symptoms. Anemia is generally a decrease in hemoglobin concentration in the blood and it is very hard to be detected.

It means that the blood contains less iron than usual and therefore a lack of oxygen because the hemoglobin transports the oxygen all over the body. This will result in malaise and lack of concentration for the individual, which could then lead to the excessive fatigue disorder.

2. Low thyroid activity or, in other words, lack of thyroxin could also be a reason for the excessive fatigue disorder. Thyroxin acts as a regulator for the human metabolism so a lack of it will result with a slower metabolic rate, which means that all of the chemical processes that happen in the body will take more time to complete. So this individual will feel a constant need of rest.

3. Also any kind of an infection in the urinary tract could cause a person to feel tired. This is because the amount of toxins released is decreased because of the infections, so those toxins stay in the body and simply cause a lot of trouble.

4. Drinking a lot of coffee, or excessive caffeine intake will also result in fatigue. This will simply happen because the organism will not be able to get rid of all of the unnecessary caffeine. The individual will not rest enough during his sleep and will feel tired in the morning. In a long run this will definitely be a cause for the excessive fatigue disorder.

5. Nutrition problems and improper dieting should also be avoided. An insufficient intake of calories for a longer period of time, or the lack of carbohydrates in the nutrition could only lead to one thing, lack of energy or the excessive fatigue syndrome.

6. Also any unidentified heart problems could be causing the excessive fatigue. So it is recommended for those who feel constantly tired to visit their doctor and check their hearts.

Those were some of the reasons for this disorder. On the other hand leading a normal and healthy life is all the prevention you need if you don’t want to feel fatigued.