Diabulimia – Eating Disorder Related To Diabetes

Although not officially diagnosed or medically accepted term, diabulimia is a serious health problem and emerging problem in many diabetics.

Health experts predict that almost one third of young females with diabetes could be suffering from diabulimia.

Diabulimia significantly refers to those diabetics’ patients who decisively reduce or skip regular insulin doses in turn to lose weight.

Insulin therapy is a part of type 1 diabetic plan. So, skipping or changing the doses of insulin in order to lose weight is an extremely dangerous practice.

Effects of diabulimia

The side effects of insulin therapy or manipulating insulin from your body can be hideously dangerous. As a result,  normal blood sugar levels in your body increase and ultimately reaches to an unhealthy level.

When there is a surge of blood sugar levels in your body it will lead to dehydration, fatigue and consequently wearing of muscle tissue.

Gradually, you can suffer from long term complications of diabetes, which includes heart and blood vessel disease, kidney dysfunction, retinopathy and further damage as well.

Warning signs of diabulimia

  • Low energy or fatigue
  • Weight loss
  • Signs of diabetic ketoacidosis like fruit scented breath [prevent diabetic ketoacidosis]
  • Nausea and excessive thirst
  • Loss of proper attention towards insulin doses
  • Poorly managed blood sugar levels
  • Appetite decreases continually for more than half a month

Identify these warning signs of diabulimia and if you have three of any stated signs above, immediately consult your health care provider and seek necessary help.