Prevent Diabetic Ketoacidosis To Avoid Serious Complications

Type 1 diabetic patients are more prone to Diabetic Ketoacidosis, which can cause life threatening health problems.

diabetic-patientIt mainly takes place when lack of insulin results in formation of certain acids in blood and presence of ketones in blood and urine.

However, the best way to prevent Diabetic Ketoacidosis is to take control over blood sugar levels and regular check up of blood sugar does help you. Apart from this, here are few ways to prevent Diabetic Ketoacidosis.

Don’t ignore moderate elevations in blood sugar level

When you notice moderate increase in your blood sugar level, consult your doctor immediately and take necessary help to control it in early stages.

Check out ketone levels

When you are extremely ill or under stress, ketones will be released from your body if you have Diabetic Ketoacidosis. So, test for excess ketone levels in urine when you are stressed out or ill and take necessary measures to control it.

Regularly monitor blood sugar levels

When you suspect that you have Diabetic Ketoacidosis, you should check your blood sugar levels regularly at least once in day. As already said, careful monitoring of blood sugar levels is the best way to prevent Diabetic Ketoacidosis.

Follow these essential measures and don’t forget to include necessary physical activity and plan your diet according to your blood sugar levels ( diet for diabetes) and take medication as prescribed by your doctor.