Identify Triggers Of Bloodshot Eyes

Bloodshot eyes, even though not painful, need proper care in order to ensure healthy vision and eye health for future.

Before you consider treatment for bloodshot eyes, you have to understand the causes that can trigger bloodshot eyes.

Triggers of bloodshot eyes

  1. Eye injuries: As you all know, eyes are very sensitive that requires utmost care. So, whenever your eyes encounter minor injuries, it results in redness of eye or bloodshot eyes.
  2. Wearing contacts: For some of you wearing contacts can develop bloodshot eyes. Other than bloodshot eyes, you can also develop dry eyes because of wearing contact lens.
  3. Frequent eye drop usage: Some people tend to use eye drops frequently for simple eye problems. So, this can make the blood vessels in eyes dilated and results in bloodshot eyes.
  4. Allergic conjunctivitis: When your eyes become irritated because of certain eye disorders like allergic conjunctivitis, it can trigger red eyes or bloodshot eyes. Allergic conjunctivitis is mainly caused due to allergies, exposure to toxic substances or due to presence of other disease causing viruses and bacteria.
  5. Dry eyes: Chronic dryness mainly irritates or inflames surface of eyes and blood vessels in eyes and can result in bloodshot eyes or red eyes.
  6. Uveitis: This is another eye condition that causes inflammation to eyes and results in bloodshot eyes. Uveitis must be treated immediately as it can lead to other vision complications.

Other than these, corneal infection, angle-closure glaucoma and blepharitis also results in bloodshot eyes. So, be aware with all these conditions and don’t consider taking any kind of treatment without proper medical prescription.