Latest Trends On Eye Blindness Across The Globe

If you are living in the world today and are affected with eye blindness whether total or partial, you will have a 50% less chance for a job opportunity on the internet where most of the jobs are.

The net world requires that you have a good use of your eyesight to land a job on the net. Eye blindness affects many people across the globe whether you are in a developing or an already developed country.

So what are the options for you? Does that mean you are already doomed for the rest of your life?

Eye blindness has many faces and currently according to World Health Organization (W.H.O) there are four basic levels of visual function: normal function, moderate visual impairment, severe visual impairment and blindness.

Of the four levels, blindness is of course the most impaired because with the moderately and severely blind they may still see, but only with some difficulty. Eye blindness on the other hand, is lacking in all faculties of perception, sensation and cognition making them totally unable to relate to the outside world in terms of seeing.

The most common causes of blindness are all genetically linked; according to W.H.O the top three includes cataract, glaucoma and macular degeneration. The good news is that if these conditions are early detected and managed, it does not have to end in total eye blindness.

Global Prevention Efforts on Eye Blindness

The global community having recognized the need for making programs on blindness to be on their top priority has determined several ways of prevention:

Eye Blindness Health Care Services

More health care services are going to be developed and will be made affordable and accessible to everyone to insure that early detection and management will be employed to prevent cases of blindness.

Collaborative Effort

The government has given its commitment to utilize all efforts to encourage all sectors of the community from national leaders, private sectors, medical professionals and non-government agencies.

Community Awareness Programs

The collaborative efforts from the different sectors of the government will design community awareness programs to inform the general public on the importance of utilizing eye care services and where they are located.

Eye Health Strategies

Heath Teaching Programs will be designed on the prevention of different eye conditions that can lead to eye blindness, which are in fact preventable.

Global Trends and Researches for Eye Blindness

Concerned groups from the different sectors of the government have spearheaded research projects to aid people with eye blindness to be functional in spite of their disability.

Computer Access for the Blind

Blind investors have funded a research project to make computer access useable for people with eye blindness. As a result of the researches, computers with screen reader softwares can now be purchased.

These computers are called Non-visual desktop access (NVDA), people with blindness can use the computer using a special mouse cursor that scans the screen and reads the words using a voice prompt. This invention won the award for the blind duo accolades from ABC’s iconic New Inventors.

Funding for future researches on touch screen options for people with this condition are being explored by the same inventor of the screen reader, who is himself impaired with eye blindness.

Gene Therapy

Another promising research project is being developed in Oklahoma City to give hope for people with eye blindness to again regain their vision. Scientists are using synthetic nano-particles to improve and save eyesight.

The non-viral constituent was already tested in mice with retinitis pigmentosa and returned with positive signs of healing from the structural, functional and biochemical vision impairments with no recorded side effects.

Although not tested yet in humans, the promising results make the researchers very hopeful in finding the cure for blindness.


If there is anyone in your family suffering with blindness, there is now hope for them. With the combined global efforts from different communities they can now get support. This will be a big breakthrough for people affected with eye blindness especially in this age of information technology.

They no longer have to be left out on the latest news and trends and will be given more access to education and training. This is really good news for families who may have members who are affected with eye blindness.