Brain Aneurysm: Abnormal Bulging Of Blood Vessels In Your Brain!

Have you ever heard about aneurysm? It refers to abnormal widening or bulging of a portion of blood vessels in your body.

Whenever this widening of blood vessels takes place in brain, it is known as brain aneurysm.

This can usually happen at the junctions of the large arteries present at the base of your brain.

When any blood vessel in your brain weakens, it will tend to bulge like a balloon and often results in brain aneurysm.

When an aneurysm is developed, it forms a neck with a balloon like structure. So, the larger the balloon becomes, the greater you will be at risk. As a result, you will experience bleeding in your brain.

Is it possible to predict who can develop brain aneurysm?

Actually, people of any age group including children, adults and others can have chance to develop brain aneurysm. But, it is usually believed that women are slightly at greater risk to develop this condition, when compared with men.

The severity of the condition mainly depends on the size and location where the arteries are widened. Even, your age and over all health condition also contributes to the severity of the disease.

It has been estimated that between 2% to 5 % of the total population are diagnosed with this brain aneurysm every year. Most of you can develop very small sizes of aneurysm and usually they don’t rupture. But, only few cases of brain aneurysm experiences severe complication with the rupture of aneurysms.

Are there any particular health conditions that can increase the risk?

At times, brain aneurysm run in families and if any of your close family members experienced brain aneurysm earlier, then you can be at high risk of developing this kind of aneurysm. Other than this, these are certain health conditions that can increase your risk of brain aneurysm.

Hypertension: If you have blood pressure reading more than 160/95, it can possibly lead you to rupture of brain aneurysm. So, try to be more cautious if you really have hypertension.

Smoking: As we all know, smoking is associated with many adverse health conditions, including most severe brain aneurysm. It is usually believed that the more you smoke, the higher is your risk to experience serious complications of aneurysm. So, if you feel that you smoke a lot, then try to quit it as quickly as you can and avoid various health risks.

Apart from these two conditions, there are certain other medical conditions such as connective tissue disorders, polycystic kidney disease, abnormal connection of arteries and veins and also coarctation that results from narrowing of aorta in birth can certainly increase your risk of brain aneurysm.

So, be aware with all these conditions. If you really have brain aneurysm, whenever you experience sudden and extremely severe headache, immediately consult your doctor to avoid other complications.