How Bipolar Disorder Affects The Quality Of Life?

Every one of us can experience the feeling of happiness and sadness once in a while.

But if you have bipolar disorder, these feelings of either happiness or sadness can be in extreme levels.

Bipolar disorder, commonly known as manic-depression, is mainly characterized by mood instability that can become serious and disabling condition for you.

These extreme mood swings associated with manic depression usually lasts for several weeks or months and potentially causes great disturbances in your peaceful life.

If left untreated, this bipolar disorder generally worsens your quality life and potentially leads you to face several fatal conditions.

Manic phase of bipolar disorder!

Severe changes in energy and behavior takes place in this particular phase of bipolar disorder. Certain most common changes you can experience mainly include:

  • You can feel sudden rise in your energy, activity levels and also restlessness in your regular routine.
  • You can always feel good for yourself and experience extremely high or overly good euphoric mood.
  • Unrealistic plans, recklessness behavior such as wild driving can also happen with you.
  • Usually, people in manic phase of bipolar disorder tend to talk very quickly and jump from one subject to another without any connection with one another.
  • Most of you going through this phase of manic-depression deny any mistakes committed or any thing wrong done with you and even refuse to consult any experienced medical professional.

Depressive phase of bipolar disorder!

When bipolar disorder is left untreated in manic phase, it can turn into depression. Some of the most common signs of this phase of bipolar disorder can mainly include:

  • You can lose your interest in your usual activities and also lose your interest in pleasure things that you used to enjoy earlier.
  • Crying for no reason and feeling sad are most common.
  • People suffering with this phase can possibly suffer with various difficulties in getting sleep (insomnia) or may have too much sleep.
  • When you are in depression you can have trouble in thinking and also face difficulty in remembering things such as paying bills etc.
  • Many of you can lose your interest in food and also lose your appetite. As a result, you can also lose your healthy body weight.
  • Some of you can also develop chronic body pain and also other body complaints that do not actually have any appropriate physical cause.

So, these are certain clues for you to identify the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Whenever you notice these signs and symptoms in you, it is your responsibility to consult any health expert and take better treatment. So, try to pay more attention towards your health to live a happy and peaceful life.