Know More About Dengue Fever, The Most Common Mosquito-Borne Disease!

Dengue fever is the most common disease in the regions of tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

Now it has become the most common disease in all humans caused due to arboviral infection. This infection mainly spreads by the bite of an Aedes mosquito.

This mosquito usually transmits the infection by biting an infected person and then biting some other individual without infection.

Dengue fever is associated with certain abnormal health conditions:

Dengue fever is mainly caused by a group or family of viruses which are usually transmitted by mosquitoes. It is considered as an acute infection which is associated with sudden onset of illness followed by head ache, severe pain in your muscles and joints and also swollen glands.

If you are infected with the virus responsible for dengue fever, then you can also experience rashes on your skin for three to four days.

Most of the infections of dengue results in comparatively very mild illness but some times you have chances to get infected with dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF).

Due to this dengue hemorrhagic fever, your blood vessels starts to leak and leads to bleeding of your nose, mouth and also bleeding of gums in your mouth.

Bruising can be a sign of internal bleeding of your body. This type of dengue fever can be a life threatening problem and can become fatal for you.

People with lower immunity levels are more prone to this kind of viral infection, as it is caused by one of the four serotype virus.

Once if you are attacked with any one of these four serotypes of viruses, then through out your life, an attack of dengue is most probable, if you are repeatedly exposed to that particular virus.

Prevention can be a better option for you to avoid dengue fever!

  • The main source for the transmission of the virus is through mosquitoes. So, try to avoid the places where the breeding of mosquitoes is prevalent.
  • Eradication of mosquito breeding also plays an important role in preventing dengue fever. Try to avoid stagnant water which can be the main place for mosquitoes breeding.
  • Try to prefer clothes with long sleeves and also long pants to cover your body completely. Avoid exposure of your skin towards outside environment in order to avoid dengue fever.
  • Try to limit the outside work or unnecessary roaming when the prevalence of mosquitoes is high.