4 Common Diseases that you can Get From Pets

Living with pets can be an absolutely amazing way to lead a life. Pets give love, help you pass time and also prove to be one’s best friends. But, in the midst of all the fun and cozy moments one shares with a pet, it is essential to not ignore another aspect of having a pet and this is related to some pet diseases that can actually be harmful to the owners.

To create awareness about these diseases, below is a list of 4 common diseases that you can get from your pets. It’s definitely a smart move to get educated about the diseases and take necessary precautions.

diseases that you can get from pets

1. Ringworm

One of the common diseases that an individual can catch from his/ her pet is the ringworm disease. It is a fungal disease which results in redness and scaly circular formation on the skin. It may also appear as a bald patch on the scalp. It can be picked up by either touching an infected pet (cats and dogs) or by touching their blankets etc. Best way to avoid this is to wash hands soon after petting your cat or your dog. Many antifungal ointments can be used as a cure for this disease.

2. Salmonellosis

This disease occurs in reptiles, so all individuals who have reptiles for pets have a probability of contracting this disease. It is caused by the bacteria salmonella which has become quite common in reptiles and hence reptile owners. It is because of this disease that CDC advices against petting turtles. As a caution against this disease, get your pet tested annually for salmonella bacteria.

3. Psittacosis

Commonly known as parrot fever, this is a caused by Chlamydophila psittaci bacteria. This disease is contracted by inhaling the dried secretions of infected pet birds. Symptoms in humans generally include chills, dry coughing, and fever and/ or muscle aches. To avoid getting this disease from your pet parakeet, parrot or macaw keep their cages clean and do so with proper precautions.

4. Tapeworms, Hookworms and Roundworms

These worm diseases are also very common amongst cats and dogs. As per experts, most kittens and pups have roundworms since birth, and their eggs can survive in moist for about a month. Handling infected sand (where the dog/ cat have shat) can transfer the eggs onto the person’s skin which can then be swallowed if hands are not washed properly. It is hence advised to get your pets tested for worms on a regular basis.

Hookworms are caused by multiple parasites. And their larvae can penetrate the skin of an individual when cleaning infected soil. These infections may sometimes be dealt with anti- parasitic but they usually resolve on their own.

Tapeworms are the lowest risk when it comes to transmission or contraction. But when infected with tapeworms from your pet you must take on proper medication.

These diseases are all passed on to humans through soil where animals do their business. It is hence important that you keep away from walking barefoot or sitting on infected sand, and get your pets tested regularly.