Colposcopy Helps To Detect Cervical Cancer In Early Stages!

If there are any problems seen in the vagina or cervix during the pelvic examination or if there is any abnormal Pap smear, colposcopy is performed to know the reason of abnormalities.

Colposcopy helps the physician to closely examine the genitals, vagina, and cervix. Colposcope is an instrument used for this procedure.

This instrument consists of magnifying lens and light to look for the abnormalities of cervix and vagina.

The magnifying lens magnifies the image so close that the physician can be able to see the tissues of vaginal wall and cervix clearly. If the physician finds anything suspicious, a small sample of tissue will be taken from the cervix for biopsy for additional information.

You might feel painful with some pinching and cramps during the time of taking biopsy sample.

Colposcopy to see any problem in cervix!

The physicians suggest colposcopy when they find any abnormal cells in Pap smear test or if they see any problem in the cervix or vagina during pelvic examination.

With the help of this colposcopy, the physician can be able to see the changes in the tissue like tissue color, structure, and its pattern and abnormal blood vessels.

This procedure is also used for the diagnosis and treatment of other problems like bleeding, polyps, warts that indicates HPV, and for many other reasons, for which your physician will recommend colposcopy.

Colposcopy is considered to be very important in finding the cervical cancer at the early stages.

Are There Any Risks Associated With colposcopy?

It is well known to everyone that with every surgical procedure, risks and complications are common. With the colposcopic biopsy, the complications include bleeding, infection, etc.

If you are allergic to any medication, iodine, or any other thing, you need to inform this to your physician. Also, if you are pregnant or if you are doubtful that you are pregnant, do not forget to notify this to your physician.

If you are having menstrual period, ask your physician to schedule this procedure after a week. Other than these, if you have any concerns regarding any medical issues, discuss with your physician in order to take precautions and to avoid risks.

There are certain things that will interfere with this colposcopy and they include menstrual periods, acute cervical inflammation, and acute inflammatory disease of pelvis.

Before undergoing this procedure, discuss with your physician about colposcopy in detail.

The physician will describe you about the procedure in detail before scheduling the procedure and asks you to come out with the doubts and questions regarding the procedure.

Discuss everything with your physician about your other medical conditions, the medicines and supplements you are taking, medication allergies, and many more.

If you have only colposcopy procedure, you need to take rest for a few minutes to recover before leaving the physician’s office. If you have colposcopy with biopsy, the recovery may vary depending on the biopsy performed and the anesthesia if used.

There is nothing to worry about colposcopy and it does not affect in anyway in the future. You feel a bit comfortable if you empty the bladder before the procedure.