Pap Smear: Very Helpful For Detecting The Abnormalities In Cervix!

Have you ever undergone a pap smear? Pap smear test is extremely effective in detecting the cancerous cells present in your cervix and it is very essential in the prevention of cervical cancer.

Detecting the presence of cancerous cells in your body in early stages can be the first step in stopping the development of cervical cancer in your body.

It has been predicted that, almost 90% of the cervical cancer cases are prevented with the regular Pap smear test.

If you get regular pap smear test done, then the chance for getting cervical cancer in your body substantially decreases. Even if you get positive results for the development of cancerous cells, then the chances for curing the cervical cancer are as high as 90%, provided they are detected in early stages.

What is the right time to have pap smear test?

It is recommended that you can have your first pap smear at the age of 21 or about three years after having sexual relations and from then you need to follow these guidelines.

  • From 21-29 years of age, you need to have pap smear once in a year or for every two years, you can get it tested with liquid based pap test.
  • In between 30-69 years of age, for every two to three years, you should have three regular pap smear tests in a sequence.
  • From 70 years and older, you can stop having the pap test at this stage provided if you’ve had regular three normal pap tests in a row with normal results.

How ever, regardless of your age, if you have any of these mentioned risk factors, then it is very essential for you to undergo this test annually.

These are the most important situations at which you have to take pap smear. A regular health check up including pap smear can be very helpful for you in preventing all types of cancers.