A Comprehensive know how about Balloon Endoscopy

Balloon endoscopy can be defined as a procedure through which the small intestine as well as the digestive track can be viewed. Balloon endoscopy can also be termed as a revolutionized formation of capsule endoscopy to overcome the limitations of it.

know how about balloon endoscopyClassifications

Balloon endoscopy has two categories which are 1) Single Balloon Endoscopy and 2) Double Balloon Endoscopy.

Single Balloon Endoscopy

To carry out the procedure of single balloon endoscopy, the physicians need a 200 cm long fiber topic, flexible endoscope with a light and camera on its tip, fixed up with an equally extended over tube that go down the occupied span of the endoscope. A balloon has to be fitted on the top of the over tube to blown up and deflated.

Blowing up of the balloon assist the over tube to be anchored within the intestine which also further the endoscopy procedure into small intestine. Withdrawing procedure of the over tube help to shortened and straightened the small intestine and paves the passage of inner endoscope easier. The next step would be the deflation of the over tube in order to re-insert it.

Double Balloon Endoscopy

Similar instruments are being used in the double balloon endoscopy procedure. But the difference lies in the fact that another balloon is being fixed up on the tilt of the endoscope. Two balloons alternatively inflates to anchor either the over tube or the endoscope in order to assist the passage of over tube or endoscope, respectively.

Advantages of Balloon Endoscopy

  • It helps physicians to visualize the entire small bowel including the terminal ileum.
  • It can be used for the application of therapeutics.
  • Biopsy of mucosa of small intestine can be carried out through the procedure of balloon endoscopy.
  • In order to access the papilla with long afferent limbs of small intestine this procedure seems to be beneficial after Billroth II antrectomy.

Disadvantages of Balloon Endoscopy

The major disadvantage of the procedure of balloon endoscopy is the time span which is required to visualize the small intestine. The time may exceed three hours and hence the patient may be advised to get admitted in the hospital.

Future of Balloon Endoscopy

Though balloon endoscopy has revolutionized the treatment process of small intestine it has to be considered that the time span has limited its usage. Hence faster as well as newer system has to be developed or it must be executed under paramedical personnel just alike other forms of endoscopy.