Worried With Anal Fissures? Identify And Make Necessary Changes To Your Lifestyle!

If you have experienced any painful cut on your finger, then you can easily understand all about anal fissures.

Confused! Just like a tiny cut on your finger, anal fissure is a small tear at the edge of anus.

If you have any cut on your hand or finger, it becomes very difficult for you to use your hands.

Similarly, if you have anal fissures, you can experience difficulty in your usual bowel movements.

Every time when you have a bowel movement, the anus becomes more stretched and the fissure tends to reopen leading to cause more pain. Not all, but some of the anal fissures are chronic and takes more time to heal.

Anal fissures are quite common in infants whose age is between 6 to 24 months and these fissures rarely develop in older kids. It is also possible that these anal fissures can develop in adults making it more difficult for the affected person during normal bowel movements.

Anal fissures and hemorrhoids! Are they same?

Do you think anal fissures are similar to hemorrhoids? Then you are mistaken. Having anal fissure is different from hemorrhoids.

The main difference between these two conditions is that with hemorrhoids, the irritated and inflamed blood vessels will become a cause of discomfort and bleeding in you.

Anal fissures are small cuts around the portion of rectum, which can cause certain discomfort and bleeding. You can get these fissures externally, but hemorrhoids can occur either externally or internally.

Want to avoid anal fissures? Follow these changes in your life style!

If you are suffering with these painful anal splits, then it is very essential for you to make certain changes in your regular life style. Simple changes in your life style can help you to avoid the discomfort caused by these fissures of anus.

  • Add more fiber content foods in your regular diet and ensure that you increase them gradually to avoid formation of gas and bloating.
  • Drink plenty of water and increase the intake of fluid diet, which can be helpful for you in many ways including anal fissures.
  • Regular exercising can provide you with a host of benefits. They mainly help you to promote free regular bowel movements and also improve the circulation of blood in your body, which can be helpful in healing anal fissures.

So, try to consider these changes and take appropriate suggestions from your personal health care provider and get better solution for your anal fissures.