The Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods To Avoid While Driving

Have you ever thought how dangerous it might be to have to concentrate on opening that candy bar while you are driving or have you ever been sitting at a stoplight and watching the dad in the mini-van next to you unwrap six junior cheeseburgers for the kids in the car seats behind him?

According to car insurance companies around the country there are in deed specific types of food that are considered more dangerous.

These types of food are considered more dangerous than others because you are more likely to rear end someone if you are eating (or drinking) them.

There are also specific types of food that if you are eating your reaction time may be slower than at other times.

We have compiled a list of the ten most dangerous foods to be eating while driving. Maybe it will save you on your car insurance but it will for sure save you on cleaning up a mess in your car.

  1. Coffee is most likely to spill out of the cup even with a lid when you hit a bump.
  2. Hot soup is also likely to spill out of the cup when you hit a bump because many people drink hot soup like they drink coffee while driving.
  3. Tacos are an extremely dangerous food to eat while driving because it is a proven fact that any food that can disassemble itself while you are driving is sure to distract you.
  4. Chili dogs are dangerous for the same reasons as tacos however they are also much messier and will drip down the front of your shirt thus causing you to be even more distracted.
  5. Hamburgers are considered one of the most dangerous foods to eat while driving because you eat them with your hands and the grease then gets on the steering wheel possibly making it very slippery.
  6. Ribs and wings. They are messy and distracting and you will lick your fingers while eating them.
  7. Fried chicken will also cause your hands and the steering wheel to get greasy and be slippery.
  8. Jelly donuts are dangerous because no one has ever eaten one without watching the jelly ooze out of the middle.
  9. Soda can spill.
  10. Chocolate melts and then you are trying to get it off the steering wheel without swerving.