Everything You Need to Know About Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a disease which can occur to you at any age. Even people at a young age fall prey to this challenging condition. In this situation, the discharge of the thyroid hormones is seriously affected. A small portion of thyroid hormones is released compared to the proportion which should have been released before the body was affected by hypothyroidism.

Thyroid hormones which are released by the thyroid gland are responsible for the better functioning of the brain, heart and liver, reproduction process, and many others. After a research, it has been stated by the American Thyroid Association (ASA) that around 20 million people suffer from this challenging disease. Therefore, it can be well understood that living with this symptom becomes nearly impossible.

There are things which a person will definitely understand if he or she is facing such problems in life. Let us find out what are the problems caused by this problematic disorder.


Obstacles of living with hypothyroidism

1. Coffee is a big no

People facing such a disorder will surely understand this grave situation. Like any other person, they are forbidden to intake caffeine. A question might pop up in your mind that what does such people do when they are badly tired after a hard day and a cup of coffee will just mend it all?

Caffeine actually makes you hyperactive thereby removing your fatigue for the day. But there are people who fail to understand that as caffeine acts like a hyperactive material for the body, therefore, it can affect one with hypothyroidism very badly. So, what should a person do with hypothyroidism? In this case, he or she should consume healthy food, workout daily and also grab a sound sleep in the night.

2. Getting a good sleep becomes almost next to impossible

Doctors are of the view that different dosages of medications for thyroid treatment disable a person from grabbing a good sleep. A patient actually suffers from insomnia which leaves him tired for the next day. There had been incidents when in order to provide you with the right dosage of medications doctors keep on changing your dosages. Even overmedication can heavily impact you and leave you insomniac for three days. Sleeping disorders is a new problem which the medical professionals have found out newly.

3. Ability to concentrate reduces to a huge extent

Any task which we do requires us being focussed.  Only if we do so we are able to achieve our targets. A person can really be frustrated when he or she is unable to focus on their office work.  At times it might also happen that you become absent-minded while conversing with your friends. A person suffering from hypothyroidism tends to forget things. In order to overcome forgetfulness, a person can jot down every day to do list so that all the tasks are completed for the day. When one is unable to focus then one should try and complete one task at a time.

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4. Constipation is a grave concern

As rightly said constipation is a grave concern. This condition tends to make you feel uncomfortable for the entire day. Even after you’ve had a diet which is rich in fibre and still figures out that constipation is not leaving you then really have to work it out with your doctor.

5. Losing weight is a struggle

Patients fail to understand that eating healthy and working out regularly doesn’t make them lose their weight.  Many patients are left with the thought that they are gaining weight because their diet is not at all okay. But that’s not the case. The main problem is as thyroid hormones are released less, therefore, it affects your weight. Well, there are patients who have started a diet plan and sometimes people even starve just to solve an inch on their weight. Such patients might not be aware of this serious condition. Having a diet plan and regular workouts can only keep patients suffering from hypothyroidism fit but it cannot make them lose weight.

6. Terrible mood swings

Constant mood swings become a serious problem for many patients and there, unfortunately, affects their friends and family. Your near ones should know about your disorder.

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