16 Kick-Start Tips For Your Own Body Transformation

Everyone feels happy when he/she achieves the goal. Here are 16 kick-start tips which greatly help you in your own body transformation:

1. Whole-hearted commitment and determination towards the goal

Making decisions is the most important factor, half the battle is won just by determining your goal. When you are obese, it is hard to talk to people who have been successful in losing the extra weight. Feed the fire of desire. Keep talking to those people. Then at some point the light will click and you know you become ready for the goal.

2. Food journal

food-journalMost people believe that even though they are following a healthy and rather balanced diet, they are not losing the weight they were expecting to lose.

So keep a food journal and record everything that you put in your mouth everyday.

You may not realize what you are chewing on in between meals when you are not hungry.

Keeping the food journal helps you observe your trouble spots and how you can cover them.

3. Consume slowly until you are satisfied

After about 20 minutes the human brain sends a signal to your digestive system to stop eating. Nowadays with the busy schedule, everybody consumes that meal within few minutes. So if you’re still hungry after you just eat, just pack something.

Take a break and allow 5-10 minutes before eating again. Consume a healthy, balanced meal. Not consuming high in calories foods is good for your digestive system and you are equally satisfied with less food.

4. Positive self-talk

If you have decided something that you can do 40 times a day, then do it correctly. This is what works for you best. Turn on the tape recorder inside you that tells you why you can not do something. When you notice some negative inner-talking then say stop, cancel or enough and then turn the negative statements into positive ones.

5. Keep fitness as your priority

Exercise is an essential part of your life. Don’t neglect yourself by thinking that you just don’t find enough time to work out. Include fitness as your natural routine in your daily life like having shower every day so that you can relieve stress, lose weight, boost metabolism, build confidence, protect from diseases and increase energy.

6. Drink enough water

drinking waterDrinking a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water is essential to control your appetite, clean your system, regulate your body temperature, and metabolize fat effectively.

Sometimes you will feel hunger due to dehydration of your body.

Drink a big glass of water whenever you feel the urge to drink and see whether it works or not.

If it doesn’t suit well to your body, then consume a balanced meal or snack.

7. Daily habits

What habits you are going to develop in your daily routine will greatly affect the way through which you achieve your goal.

You need to develop the habits that lead you towards achieving your goal. Don’t leave any room for coulds, woulds or shoulds. These habits must give you energy so make them simple and fun. Design your life with the habits that keep you on track.

8. Inspirational workout music

Play your favorite tunes that eliminate boredom and raise your motivation. No matter whatever type of music you will hear – jazz, opera, gospel and light it should make you move towards your goal.

9. You want more out of life

Not having enough time to do any of these activities:

  • Playing with your kids
  • Wishing to go for a bike ride or hike
  • Having no energy to do anything
  • Lacking confidence to do what you want

These factors again depend on your decision making abilities. First you need to make a decision of what you want out of your life. Create a list of 25 things that make you smile personally, professionally or whatever. Begin doing any one of them. Then try for another and another, so on.

10. No need to worry about what others think about you

You want to become healthy and fit. It is your goal, not your spouse’s, your friends’ or the people in the gym. This is about you. You are on a mission to lose weight and build an unstoppable and fantastic body. Put the focus on your goal, it doesn’t matter what others think.

11. Have a strong company

sharing-with-friendsGloominess loves company. Get out of it.

Search for a group of like minded people who share the same vision you do – a vision of high energy, personal growth and tremendous motivation.

If you want to get healthy and fit, find the right people who will help you to be a successful person.

12. Make time for yourself

If you don’t have enough time, make time for yourself. This is not selfishness.

This is all about taking care of yourself so that you are available to help others easier and faster.

If you have no energy to get healthy and fit, how long do you think you are going to last volunteering in your community, or taking care of your family? Or going on vacation?

13. Create boundaries/destroying tolerations

Tolerations are the conditions which you are trying to manage that are wasting your energy, time, life and health, which should not exist in the first place. For example, the instances like getting disturbed while you are working out by kids/spouse, spouses treating you to a dinner after a hard day at work, relatives/friends shoving deserts in your face, etc.

14. Variety

You will achieve best results if you keep doing the same things all the time. Changing your workout routine is of great importance. Every time try for new and challenging activities, like hiking, kickboxing, in-line skating. Keep the things interesting and fun so that you will have great interest in doing them and can achieve the shape that you dreamed of.

15. Make time to prepare healthy meals

If you haven’t enough time then it’s better to make your lunch for the next day when you are cooking the dinner. Cut up the fruits and veggies when you get home from the grocery store. Make sufficient dinner so that there are leftovers to put in Tupperware for the next couple of days. It is cheaper in the long run and not only you will control your waistline but also build confidence and boost energy.

16. A reward system

Every one of us needs praise on every thing that we achieve. Don’t focus on what you can’t do and don’t beat yourself into oblivion for our uninspiring efforts. Reward yourself for what you achieve with something like new clothing, new shoes, new book and any message. Treat yourself to anything that puts a smile on your face.