17 Eating Habits To Avoid For a Healthy & Happy Life!

Most of you usually fall into a very bad daily routine, starting with skipping breakfast, wolfing down on a quick and unhealthy lunch, a lot of soda, candies and chips in between your meals and gorging with unhealthy food in the evening.


Overtime, this unhealthy eating habit becomes a daily routine of your life and it will become difficult to get out of such habits.

So it is essential for you that you manage to change all those bad eating habits quickly, to live a happy life without any health complications.

Do you know those unhealthy eating habits? If not, here is a list of unhealthy eating habits to avoid in your regular routine.

1.Skipping breakfast

As far as healthy eating habits are concerned, skipping your morning breakfast is fairly bad one. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast not only boosts your mood and energy, but also helps a lot with managing to make some healthy choices during the rest of your day.

bad-eating-habits2.Watching TV while eating

Do you watch TV while eating? Then it is very important for you to know that this is the most disgusting and unhealthy habit of eating.

You will lose concentration on eating while watching T.V. It also increases the chances of eating more food than required, which leads to a higher intake of high calorie food.

3.Having only three meals a day

Studies have shown that eating small meals more frequently helps to prevent your habit of overeating. This strategy of “little and more frequent meals” also improves your body metabolism rate.

4.Eating before going to bed

Eating spicy, fatty foods or consuming caffeine before bedtime can significantly reduce your quality and length of sleep. So, if you just can’t avoid echoing of your stomach before bedtime, then simply snack on fresh fruits and vegetables.

nutritional-facts15.Ignoring the nutritional facts mentioned on the food products

Your body needs certain calories to function everyday. In order to ensure that you don’t exceed your intake of calorie level, you have to read the labels on food products before buying.

Experts recommend to read the nutritional facts that are quite honest than the actual commercials. It is also a good option to avoid the consumption of unwanted and unhealthy calories.

6.Eating without an appropriate idea

When you feel hungry, you simply rush to eat any sort of food, without assessing on what you are eating.

That is why it’s very important for you to spend some time thinking before you start eating and try to ensure that the food that you are going to consume contains low fat and cholesterol.

7.Blowing up your well-balanced diet in weekends

You have succeeded in maintaining a well-balanced diet throughout the week, but during the weekend people tend to reward them selves a little too much. As a result, you’ll tend to add more calories in your diet during weekends. This is not at all a good idea for you if you want to maintain better health.

So try to control your food cravings in the weekends. According to the latest studies some people are typically inclined to add extra calories on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So a little caution on the weekend should work on the long term.

8.Higher levels of cravings towards junk food

Many of you cannot resist the cravings towards junk food. Once again, it’s essential for you to know that these high calorie or fat foods can increase your risk of developing serious health complications over time in your life.

9.Leaving the fresh fruits and vegetables out

Eating fruit and vegetable flavored foods do not provide vitamins and proteins, which are actually available in fresh fruits and vegetables. The only way to get essential vitamins and proteins is to add more fresh fruits and vegetables in your regular diet plan.

10.Bad breakfast

Do you know that you should not skip your breakfast? It doesn’t mean that you have to include more fatty foods like doughnuts or pastries in your breakfast. Your breakfast must include more calcium sources, fiber foods and low carb products.

Eat fruits, complex carbohydrates, and fiber food regularly after you wake up in the morning to avoid over consumption of foods at lunch and dinner time.

11.Giving up your control on diet at special events


Just because you are at your best friend’s party, you cannot consume high calorie food, particularly if you have decided to follow a healthy balanced diet. Whenever you plan for a party or going to attend a party as guest, have some salads or handful of almonds to avoid overeating.

12.Eating while you are on some other work

Eating while doing some other work not only wrecks your clothes and makes a mess, but it also leads to overeating. As a result, you will end up gaining more weight. So you should always concentrate on the food you that you’re eating.

13.Developing emotional eating

After a tough schedule at your work, a beer and cheese pizza can sound perfectly good when compared to a soup or salad. Therefore, you prefer to take beer and cheese pizza. But you should realize that those things are not good for your health as they develop emotional eating tendency.

14.Eating quickly

If you are a speed eater then try to realize that munching on food really quick is very bad and unhealthy habit of eating. Gulping the food can set your stomach into many troubles. So try to slow down the eating process and also stay away from finger foods. Eating slowly doesn’t essentially mean that you must take long hours to complete your meal. Try to spend at least 10-15 minutes for meals in your regular routine.

15.Relying on convenience food

After experiencing a hectic schedule in your day, you will not spend even an hour to prepare healthy food. You prefer to have anything as long as it’s ready made and easily available. These packed and available foods can create problems to your health. Instead, prepare food for yourself with patience or have fresh fruits and vegetables.


If you think starving can help in losing your body weight, then come out from such kind of misconception. It will put on some extra weight to your body because your body stores more amount of fat while you starve.

If your intention is to lose weight with starving, then try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of starving. You can also try various weight loss diet plans to lose those extra pounds.

17.Eating more in bad mood

Sounds strange! But it’s a fact that many people actually tend to eat more food particularly when they are in a bad mood. Many people consume more carbohydrates and extra calories when they are in bad circumstances or in depressed situations. If you are in those situations, try to change the treatment options for depression and stress for healthy eating and healthy life.

Try to stay away from these particular habits as much as possible in order to live a healthy life. Take note of the suggestions from your dietician regarding healthy eating habits and try to consider them in maintaining a smart and healthy life.