Tips To Control Allergy Asthma

Most of the time allergy asthma attacks are triggered by personal feelings and emotions. So, you should keep control on your feelings and emotions.

Here are some simple tips to control your emotions

Don’t panic:
When you experience severe bronchial asthma attacks, you must try to relax. Whenever you become panic, your heart rate and your breathing rate both will be increased and you will also experience trouble breathing.

You should learn how to take control of the situation and use your inhalers as soon as you can. While using the inhaler take a deep breathe and hold it for few seconds before exhaling so that the medication has a better chance of working.

Some newly diagnosed asthmatics often find themselves panicking when they have first few episodes and they forgot everything what they have learnt.

If there is no improvement in your breathing after using the inhaler also and you still feel tight in the chest then make a call to your doctor. A friendly voice can help to calm you down and relax you and also this will help the medication to work.

Find out how to control your emotions:
A rapid change in your emotional state can often trigger your allergy asthma symptoms and also bronchial asthma. So, you should learn to control your emotional outbreaks, despite of whether they are due to panic, a joyous occasion or a sad event.

For example, completing a tough task that you feel proud, such as charity walk can make you to become emotional. This won’t cause any problem under normal circumstances, but after walking for a longer distance you will be out of your breath and exhausted. This condition automatically puts strain on your lungs.

If you learn how to control your emotions until your body has had some time to recover, then it cannot be difficult to manage your bronchial asthma with a simpler inhaler. If your lungs are put under extra pressure then your normal inhaler may not work to control the symptoms.

You can take the help of number of relaxation methods and mental exercises to help control your emotions and thus achieving control over your allergy asthma. These methods are very easy to learn and practice.

By using these techniques during emotional times, you can prevent your allergy asthma episodes.

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