Asthma Medication For Controlling Symptoms

A preferable cure for asthma is using medications. Asthma medications can keep your asthma symptoms at bay. Taking the asthma medications on time can control your symptoms.

Here are some suggestions to control asthma attacks:

Wear a medical bracelet or chain:
Wearing a medical bracelet or chain is a great way of letting people know about your asthma.

You can buy them at any of the large pharmacies and also from a wide range of internet companies.

They look like a locket and consists a space inside for a length on which you write your personal details, your condition and what people should do in case of an emergency.

These unique bracelets and chains can save your life. Another alternative to medical bracelets or chains is asthma card. This will also alert strangers to your asthma attack and it will also inform what medications you are currently taking for your asthma. You can find asthma cards at your local hospital.

Taking asthma medication on time and properly:
Most of the people don’t take their asthma medications on time to control their condition. Due to this, they frequently suffer with many difficult symptoms.

You can use inhaler as an asthma medication. Mainly these are of two types – preventers and relievers.

Preventers can reduce most of the asthmatic symptoms from becoming apparent and relievers can reduce any asthmatic symptom that occur even after taking the preventer. Take preventer inhaler twice a day, usually once in the morning and again in the evening. You can take reliever at any time you feel its need and it gives instant results.

Mild asthmatics can use a reliever inhaler as an asthma medication. People who have severe asthma need to use both types. One thing you need to keep in mind that missing a dose can have a big effect on your asthma.

The most important thing here is take your asthma medication properly as well as on time. To get the maximum benefit, you need to take deep breathe as you inhale the contents of the inhaler. Hold your breath for at least around 5 seconds.

Proper treatment can stop around 90% of all asthmatic episodes. Visit your doctor regularly and take proper asthma medications.

Use asthma nebulizer:
Severe asthma conditions can trigger with various irritants and agents. Even the dry air present in your home increases your symptoms. You cannot realize that the dry air has many harmful effects and you can’t do anything to get relief.

An asthma nebulizer allows you to breathe air with water vapor added. This greatly helps to lubricate the trachea and wash away some of the agents that may be causing breathing difficulties.

The use of asthma nebulizer can minimize the use of asthma inhalers. They really help with heavy breathing and are totally natural and you need fewer asthma medications in order to control and alleviate your condition.

Use dehumidifier:
Dust mites are the most common cause of asthma attack. Vacuuming and cleaning your home can help to reduce the problem. Still there will always be large number of dust particles in your home.

With the help of a dehumidifier, you can maintain the humidity levels in your home so that dust mites find a lot harder to reproduce. With continued cleansing you can significantly reduce the number of dust mites in bedding, mattresses and cushions.

Keep a small portable dehumidifier in your bedroom. It can greatly improve the breathing of an asthmatic without any asthma medication.

Try natural remedies:
In addition to prescription asthma medication there are number of natural herbal remedies that can help with difficulty breathing. Consult your doctor before using any herbal remedy, because they can affect with the prescribed asthma medications you are already taking and other associated medical conditions.

Most of the herbal remedies don’t cause any drug interactions; occasionally they can cause mild allergic reactions. They help to relax and reduce the stress and tension as these also are a cause of asthma. Use eucalyptus oil when you feel chest tightness or wheezing.

The above mentioned methods can greatly help you to reduce your asthmatic symptoms and gives instant relief.

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