Asthma Diet To Control Asthma Symptoms

Asthma diet is the major factor for asthmatics.

Excess fat puts extra strain on the heart and lungs.

Due to this reason overweight and obese people who are diagnosed with asthma are suggested to follow an asthma diet plan along with regular exercise.

After the diagnosis with asthma, overweight prevents many people from exercise. In order to control, a healthy asthma diet should be followed before any exercise regimen.

Asthma diet plan:

  • You should avoid fried, fatty, and processed foods, especially cheeses and meats from your diet.
  • It is best to include lean meat in your diet or you can also substitute it with fish.
  • Limit the intake of sugary foods such as candy, biscuits, and other kinds of snacks.
  • Whenever you feel hungry, it is better to eat a piece of fruit instead of snack.
  • Limit your portion sizes and it is better to eat smaller meals than one large meal once a day.

Along with your healthy asthma diet, also include the foods with high concentrations of natural anti-histamines and anti-inflammatories. These are very beneficial to the airways leading to the lungs.

Anti-histamines and anti-inflammatories help to reduce swelling or inflammation and also protect the lining of the airways from potential irritants when present in small amounts.

Foods and supplements which include anti-histamines and anti-inflammatories:

  • Wall nuts, Oily fish, pumpkin seeds and soy products have high concentrations of essential fatty acid omega 3.
  • Apples and red onions contain bioflavonoid called quercetin. This is a strong anti-inflammatory and also an anti-oxidant.
  • Grape seed extract is a powerful anti-histamine and anti-oxidant.
  • Pine bark extract is also called as pycnogenol. It contains an anti-inflammatory agent and it can be proved as effective to reduce asthma symptoms.
  • Also include magnesium supplements in your asthma diet. They give beneficial effect.

The above mentioned foods and supplements in your asthma diet greatly help in relieving potential asthma symptoms.

Most of the asthma medications contain steroids. The long-term use of these medications can cause side effects such as decrease in bone density and thus results in early-onset osteoporosis. To overcome from these problems you should include foods in your asthma diet which are high in calcium. It is better to prefer dairy products, such as milk.

If you are allergic to dairy products then you can prefer a multi-vitamin with added calcium. Here one thing which is most important and you need to remember is, consume the suggested asthma diet with each individual nutrient without gaining too much body weight.

Some food products can also trigger your asthmatic condition.

Here are the foods with which you should be careful while including in your asthma diet:

  • Corn, as well as corn starch and corn oil
  • Eggs
  • Milk and other dairy products
  • Peanuts
  • Soy products
  • Wheat

Maintaining a good asthma diet is one of the easiest ways to control your asthma symptoms. Along with asthma diet, medications and asthma journal can also help you in controlling asthma.

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