Recognize When Your Asthma Attack Gets Worse

Most of the people who are suffering with chronic illness such as asthma attack, don’t like to admit when their condition is getting worse.

They will simply ignore the fact when it happens. This approach often does more harm than good. Severe asthma attack is very dangerous as you need very stronger medication to control the symptoms.

It is better to maintain an asthma journal, which consists of details about where you are and what you are doing when you first experience the symptoms of asthma attack.

This helps in making a connection between causative agents and effects. If this is not in your regular routine it is advisable to start it now.

Maintaining an asthma journal helps you in finding out what triggers your asthma and also helps you to notice when your condition is getting worse or when new allergens begin to affect your breathing.

Eventually it is possible that other irritants will begin to affect your asthma attack. Through each asthmatic episode, the airways that lead to the lungs will become more damaged. This damage means that you become more prone to airborne allergens and irritants and you will have more severe asthma attack.

Reporting to doctor! Report to your doctor all about your condition and when you had the first asthma attack. Don’t hide any worsening symptoms in your condition and don’t try to cure your asthma attack by yourself. Sometimes it leads to severe condition.

Inform all about your current treatments, medications, and exercise programs that you are following to control your symptoms. Ask your doctor to change your prescribed medications. It may be either a higher dosage or a strong inhaler.

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