What are the Various Colon Blockage Signs and Symptoms?

Colon blockage, in simple terms can be called constipation and refers to a condition in which there is physical blockage or obstruction in a person’s gastrointestinal tract. This obstruction can lead to prevention of fecal masses from moving along. When colon blockage takes place, food residues get stock in the colon and get extremely dehydrated and thus take the form of a plug.

This bowel disorder must be identified and treated as immediately as possible since it can lead to bleeding and other severe problems. To know about the various colon blockage signs symptoms, you can go through the following given information:

What are the Various Colon Blockage Signs and Symptoms?

Abdominal Pain

This is one of the most easily recognizable sign of colon blockage. If you have been experiencing pain in the lower abdomen lately then you might be suffering from constipation. Whether the blockage is in small or large intestine, there will be pain in the abdomen. The pain is a sign of the intestine been twisted or strangulated and the colon being completely blocked.


Vomiting of greenish color might occur if the blockage has happened in the small intestine.


One of the other hints that the body gives a person who is suffering from constipation is bloating. This bloating happens around the belly button and also near the pelvis area. In fact if you are hearing some kinds of gurgling sounds, then this is definitely a warning bell for colon blockage.


If the blockage of fecal matter is in the small intestine, then the person might be having only constipation but on the other hand if the blockage happens in the lower or large intestine, then this is a clear case of colon blockage which might be accompanied by diarrhea. If this is not treated on time, it can even lead to poisoning of the important organs and even the blood.


Cancer is a rare symptom of having colon blockage but in some cases, the symptoms of blockage might even be cancerous and are accompanied by signs like blood in the stool, fatigue, lethargy, loss of appetite and unexplained weight loss. This is a severe case of colon blockage condition and should be cured as soon as possible. Medical assistance should be sought immediately by the patient.

Any one of these signs or two or more of these signs together must not be taken lightly and a medical assessment must be done.